Summary Edit

D.E.M.I.S.E has gotten their hands on the Gate of Hades, and they have resurrected Cyrus Temple, the leader of S.T.A.G! And when they unleash a Takeover Warbird on the Ghost Cabin and turned in into a Haunted Mansion! Now the pups have to turn the mansion back to normal! But there are even spookier spirits roaming around, and they might be after the pups! Who will survive the ghostly attack!?

Characters Edit

  • Ryder
  • Ranger
  • Marshall
  • Rubble
  • Chase
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Skye
  • Everest
  • Jake
  • Cali
  • Rio
  • The Hinako Triplets
  • Van Shindo

H.E.A.R.T.S Members called into action Edit

  • Dreamcatcher
  • Cadpig
  • Prof. Genki
  • Snooky Wookums
  • Zoe Trent
  • Jason Voorhes (First appearance)

D.E.M.I.S.E. Members in play Edit

  • The Dazzlings
  • Purgatory Knight 2.0
  • Vector
  • Freddy Krugar
  • Cyrus Temple (First appearance)
  • Hood Sickle
  • Azuna Hayate

Transcript Edit

(Title card with Dreamcatcher and a Takeover Warbird on it)

Dreamcatcher: Pups and the Ghost Mansion!

(The episode starts in D.E.M.I.S.E's Dark Crystal Tower, with Purgatory Knight 2.0 holding a briefing with the other members of D.E.M.I.S.E)

Purgatory Knight: Okay, mid week planning Improv section. Tell me what you all have for plans...

Hood Sickle: Maybe we can steal the PAW Patrol's souls and put them in the bodies of snakes!

Freddy Krugar: I say that we kill 'em in their dreams!

Vector: I say that we try and scalp their paws off!

Purgatory Knight: You imbeciles!! (He throws a desk at Hood Sickle, Vector and Freddy Krugar) Those plans are the dumbest I have ever heard!! What we need is Conquest! A way to take over a small part of Adventure Bay, to expand our plot!! Only question is how we do so....

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Jason Voorhes makes his first appearance along with Cyrus Temple.
  • The Horrorina song that summoned Jason was his Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah from the Friday the 13th films
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